Hoping to write a little piece about crystals regularly. This month I’ve chosen Bloodstone, also know this is also known as Heliotrope and Blood Jasper.

If you’ve not seen Bloodstone, you tend to find that it’s usually a dark shade of green (chalcedony) with flecks of red (jasper).

Most commonly sourced in Canada, Brazil, Australia and India.



Bloodstone is predominately known for its Protection, Courage, Detox and Grounding attributes.

Bloodstone is known for being a powerful healing stone which has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. This crystal has the incredible ability to aid the elimination of toxins within the body so it’s the perfect master stone to help cleanse, purify and detoxify.

This crystal can be slipped into your pocket or bra if your ever in need of a detox and cleansing. Such as post holiday, if you’ve been indulging or after a weekend, or maybe a night out.

Bloodstone creates a protective aura from negative energies so a must have when going into possible tricky situations or places. This crystal will boost your courage, confidence and protect you as it grounds the negative energies surrounding the possible icky situation or place you maybe in.

This wonderful crystal relates to the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras. Supporting chakra healing by realigning the lower chakras with the heart. Balancing the whole body to help overcome stress and anxiety.

Should you ever feel drawn to the wise and courageous energy of bloodstone then this powerful stone worn as jewellery is considered to bestow the wearer with good health and a long life.

If your into Feng Shui then add this crystal to your collection to energise and protect, as well as ground a specific quality of energy in your home.

Bloodstone is the Ayurvedic birthstone for March and the zodiac birthstone for the astrological sign of Aries and the month of March.

This crystal makes the perfect offering for a new mother, or as a get well gift.

It can be used for self care and health and is ideal for bathing with and for transforming your bathroom into a healing sanctuary.



Mythical bloodstone is a stone of many legends. Due to its name, it lures mystery as it’s name associates with blood and is considered to have blood purifying properties. However is also considered as a symbol of sacrifice. Many eons ago Christians believed that this crystal represented the blood of Christ on green moss, so was a favourite stone of jewellery for those to wear.

Bloodstone is also commonly known for opening up the portals to the elemental realm of gnomes, elves and fairies. Or if you prefer the other realms of Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Westeros then this magic filled talisman of many legends is one you will enjoy to use.

Whatever your believes this crystal will create an instant boost of courage and protection so always a good choice to have a little piece upon you if you like to travel to magical, mystical places upon our mother earth.


”Never go to or be in a place where your presence doesn’t really matter” 

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