The upcoming festive season is one of our favourite times of the year, full of fun, friends and family. However, in between the parties and late nights is often when everyone lets their well being slipping just a little. It’s the season to be jolly and it is, but it’s also the season of late nights, parties and over indulging which can leave us all feeling a little deflated and frazzled.

We wanted to make sure everyone’s enjoying the festive season to its full potential. It’s not about missing out on spending time with loved ones, but rather, how to keep a positive energy throughout and not burn out which enables us to be our best selves and ultimately, healthier and happier as we head into the New Year.


Whatever your drink of the season is; flavoured gin, bucks fizz or a mulled wine, you need to make sure you’re not getting dehydrated. Keep the ratio of one water to one wine in mind and you’ll be fine – it’ll make sure you’ve got a clearer head and helps your body to feel much better. Your skin will thank you for it too, retaining it’s moisture much easier and allowing you to feel your best for your next event. If you don’t feel like icy water to reflect the weather, have a hot water with lemon for a little detox.


With all the buzz and excitement, it’s hard to remember to stop and be present sometimes. It’s hard to say ”no” to things during the year but there does always seem to be more of a social pressure during Christmas to attend every event. However, if you’re feeling tired and a little down in the dumps, listen to what your body is saying and allow yourself some time off for your own wellbeing. Pop on a facemask and hop in the bath with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to your favourite podcast. Or, book yourself in to have a treatment with me at either the Acorn Wellness centre or our Harrogate town centre location. With multiple treatments, you’ll leave feeling balanced, happy and ready to get into your sequin dress for the next party!

Disconnect in order to reconnect

We love our smart phones as much as the next person, but Christmas is all about connecting with those around you. Christmas is the only time of the year we see some friends who return from living away and it’s such a special time to be able to reconnect and catch up with them. Don’t spend the whole time at dinner on your phone out and remember to stay present. Don’t be anxious about everything you need to get done; the Christmas shopping can wait until after! It’s proven that by having your phone out on the table, even if it’s face down, reduces social trust and engagement; it’s a signal that you’re wanting to be elsewhere or able to be contacted by people not at dinner. Keep it in your handbag and remain present with who you went to see, it’ll be a much better vibe and your friends will know you truly want to be present with them.

Head outside

There’s no limit to the healing power of nature; it’s proven to reduce depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure and overall increase happiness and levels of content. During the more wintery seasons, everyone seems to hibernate which is when we can all feel a slump in our mood. It’s important to remember that even though it’s cold, we still need that connection to nature. Grab your hat and gloves and get outside – you don’t need to go far. Go to a cafe and grab a hot chocolate for you and a friend and take a walk around the park, watching in amazement that can see your breath. Not only great for a catch up with friends but it’s a powerful reset to connect with nature which will pep you back up to be ready for whatever you need to achieve with your day.

Positive energy and gratitude

Reiki is all about positive energy and the manifestation of that, giving it into the universe and the consequent impact. Perhaps around Christmas and New Year above any other season, we all have a little reflect on what we’ve achieved that year and what we’re grateful for. It’s always a wonderful moment to do this at a dinner party and discuss openly what we’re grateful for – ultimately, it’s usually each other which is so powerful. Practice daily gratitude for all that you have and everything the year has given you and you will feel such a surge of happiness.

There you have it – our top five tips on how to keep a positive energy throughout the busy festive period. What’s yours? Remember that if you’re feeling overwhelmed at this time of year to book in with me for a treatment of Reiki, Indian Head massage or body massage. A truly bespoke treatment to you and how you’re feeling, it will do you a world of good and you will leave feeling ready to take on the season ahead!