Whenever I talk about Reiki, I always find people curious about the practice and one question is asked everytime; what actually is Reiki? I wanted to take the time to discuss that with you in this blog and talk about the main benefits of the practice; and why you will never look back once your life has changed by practicing Reiki.


To summarise, Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental trauma. This is done by supporting both mental clarity and spiritual wellbeing. The name Reiki is again Japanese and can be split into two words – Rei and Ki. Rei in Japanese means ”universal life” and refers to the higher intelligence which exists in all living and nonliving entities which all come together to culminate in the functioning of the universe – i.e. universal life. Ki is the Japanese word for ”energy” which refers to the energy which flows through every existing thing in the world; humans, plants and animals. You may have therefore seen the word Ki being translated as ”life force energy” and linked to the words Qi or Chi. Together, the two words mean ”spiritually guided life force energy.”

When performing a Reiki treatment then, it’s a transfer of energy as I channels the life force through my hands into another to allows the Reiki to flow through the energy fields and charge them with a positive energy. This is to break through the area around the clients body where the negativity rests; both in terms of negative thoughts and feelings. The negative energy I refer to can be a cumulation of things; stress, anxiety, sadness and physical pain to name a few.

Each treatment I perform is bespoke to the client, we have a chat beforehand and discuss what the client wants to get out of the session and anything they want to concentrate on. The Reiki treatment itself is an ancient practice from Japan which opens up the crown, heart and palm chakras and enables a unique connection between myself and the client which allows this transfer of energy.

After the treatment, you will feel relaxed with a sense of contentment. A holistic treatment, it’s a safe method of spiritual healing which compliment western medical treatment and all illnesses and conditions are considered to tailor your treatment. Arrive with a positive mindset and allow your stresses to melt away at the door as together we let go of negative feelings and embrace a positive mindset and energy.


The mind/body/spirit

Ultimately, bad days happen, however the energy behind the Reiki practice is to acknowledge that and then reflect on if it was a bad day or a bad five minutes that you allowed to spiral into a bad day because of your mindset. The aspect of energy within the Reiki practice is that everyone has an energy that they give to the world; all thoughts and actions will have a knock on effect to those around you, and those around them and so on – becoming a worldwide energy. Practicing Reiki, you will become aware of sending out positive energies which flourish in a ripple effect which are manifestations into the universe. Holding onto negativity – or by the example, those bad five minutes – can only allow you to be consumed in the negativity which does no good to you or the universe.


Setting intentions

We’ve all heard of manifesting to the universe and the law of attracting in terms of attractive what you manifest. Whenever you hear of the practice, it’s always through positivity and a go-getting action. The intentions aren’t for a new car or the dream jobs, though that is part of the practice but not what we’re talking about in this blog. It may be for a physical ailment or other concern but we add that we want for their highest good which is the thought that knowledge of unconditional love and peace will be part of the healing process. We want intentions to be part of our clients everyday life, positive affirmations that will give them a daily refresh. Our current favourite intention that we repeat to ourselves every morning is one by Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon – “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”


There’s so much more to Reiki that we will discuss in the coming weeks but this is just a starting point for us to discuss from. If you would like to know more about Reiki and my other practices, I’d love to hear from you! I’m always available through my contact form or give me a call so we can discuss your treatment and any questions you may have. What’s your favourite affirmation?