Welcome to my new website! I couldn’t be more excited to launch H4rrogate Holistics and wanted to just chat more about who I am and what I hope H4rrogate Holistics to be.

I’m Sarah and I’m a qualified Complimentary Therapist Practioner, focusing on holistic treatments – including Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Daoyin Tao and Body Massage. I’ve always been fascinated with spirtuality and believe that in this fast paced world, we all need to make more time for mindfullness and wellbeing. I like to focus on a holistic approach so I wanted that to be clear in the name and since I’m a Harrogate based business with two locations, the name was born from this – simple but effective!

My treatments can be found here along with the prices, but if you do want any more information I’d be so happy to hear from you and discuss any concerns or questions you might have. Each treatment I give is bespoke to the client based on how they’re feeling, their current concerns and ultimately, what will be the best combination of holistic treatments for them.

I want to use this blog to keep you up to date on all things wellness and so keep checking back for moon cycle updates, information about various treatments and insights into my practices such as Reiki. Also, I’ve just launched my social channels so please go follow me over there too – one of my locations is at the Acorn Wellness Centre in the Nidderdale Valley, such a stunning setting.

One more question you might have – why the 4 in the name? There’s multiple reasons for this. The four in terms of all our lives is ever present in terms of the naturalistic world and is ever present in reference to a few things; the four elements – fire, water, earth and air and the four seasons. The four directions also come into play which as so many of us know, are often more spiritual when it reflects a cross roads in our own lives and also the four phases of the moon; new moon, first quarterm full moon and third quarter moon which has always capitvated me. Personally, the number is important to me, I’m born in the fourth month and throughout life, I’ve noticed it crop up more and more.

Spritually, the number 4 is a number of  “being”, it is the number connects mind, body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organisation. In an angelic nature the number 4 relates to the energies of the Archangels. Therefore with all of this in mind it made perfect sense, synchronicity, for the number to be included somewhere within my business name as it means so much to me in many ways.