Thank goodness I’ve found, Daoyin Tao!

How do you say that? You might ask?!

I know I did, maybe, once, twice, three times (and the rest! I lost count) until I’ve finally managed to pronounce DOW…YIN…TOW, which is a acupressure point massage for the face, neck, shoulders, scalp and ears, beautifully created with Eastern and Western influences, making this the ideal treatment for using prescriptive or when working with the five elements. 

The Daoyin Tao originator, Anna-Louise Haigh developed this amazing treatment following on from the work and studying she did between Beijing hospitals, clinics and Harrogate. 

Thank you Anna-Louise! 

This stand alone treatment is such an incredible treatment. I can’t wait to share it with you.

So let me tell you a little bit more about it…

Daoyin Tao can be described as an “energy massage” or “blended acupressure massage” as it draws upon its oriental influences to restore balance with the body by releasing trapped and stagnant energy whilst also calming excessive energy. 

One of the four components of Traditional Chinese Medicine is Acupuncture which we are familiar with. Where needles are gently placed in specific acupressure points, over the meridians. 

Well…Daoyin Tao is a gentle circular finger and thumb massage with various light effleurage massage strokes, over acupressure points and meridians but without the use of needles. (Feel like this needs a little applaud!) 

This gentle, effective massage is based on traditional eastern philosophies and theories of of Yin and Yang and the five elements. Using these theories Daoyin Tao helps to balance and harmonise these elements. 

This treatment can be used in a prescriptive manner to treat specific health concerns, such as sinus problems, headaches, toothache. It can be used focussing on the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. These elements have emotions, anger, stress, grief.  These emotions can lead to depression, insomnia, anxiety. Therefore this treatment can be bespoke to you, based on your your current physical or emotional health needs and concerns. 

With the principles of yin and yang, the use of gentle yin and yang massage techniques are used. Through the balance of these techniques this treatment has a significant effect on improving your overall sense of wellbeing and is a very relaxing treatment to receive. 

I feel very passionate about sharing this treatment as the results and comments I have received from this treatment have been so positive, exciting and overwhelming. This gentle massage can be used alongside other treatments such as Reiki which works perfectly, combined together with Daoyin Tao. This treatment does work over the crown chakra and third eye, helping to open and cleanse the chakras therefore you can also experience visions of colour when receiving this treatment. 

I cannot wait to share this treatment with you! If you’d like to know more, please let me know.

Here are a few testimonials I’ve received over the last month…

“Brilliant! It’s the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had. Your professional, knowledgable and I’m feel so safe and comfortable.” 

“I cannot praise and recommend the treatment, experience and most of all Sarah highly enough! The most relaxed I have felt in forever and overall experience of well-being. If possible would have the treatment every evening. Thank you Sarah.”

“This treatment definitely helps. This has helped me sleep better and feel more relaxed. Sarah has been amazing. Thank you so much.”